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For Singers

This is a little page of classical and opera singing opportunities for singers in Australia. It is being updated by me, and only me, at intervals when I become aware of new opportunities. It is by no means a comprehensive list! If you know of an opportunity that I am unaware of, then please feel free to use the contact form to get in touch and let me know.

Australian Eisteddfods

City of Devonport Eisteddfod (Devonport, TAS)
City of Hobart Eisteddfod (Hobart, TAS)
Launceston Eisteddfod (Launceston, TAS)

The National Eisteddfod (Canberra, ACT)

Dubbo Eisteddfod (Dubbo, NSW)
Bathurst Eisteddfod (Bathurst, NSW)
Northern Beaches Eisteddfod (Sydney, NSW)
Penrith Eisteddfod (Penrith, NSW)
City of Ryde Eisteddfod (Sydney, NSW)
Shoalhaven Eisteddfod (Nowra, NSW)
St George Eisteddfod (Sutherland Region, NSW)
McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod (Sydney, NSW)
City of Wollongong Eisteddfod (Wollongong, NSW)

Australian Young Artist & Student Development Programs

Pacific Opera Young Artist Program (Sydney, NSW)

Australian Singing Competitions (Scholarship Awards for Further Study)

Joan Sutherland & Richard Bonynge Bel Canto Award (30 & Under; Annual)
IFAC Australian Singing Competition (Marianne Mathy Award) (25 & Under; Annual)
Mietta Song Competition (No Age Limit; Bi-annual)

Australian Auditions for Opera Companies

Opera Australia (Sydney, NSW; General Auditions twice yearly)

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